First Meeting of Cryptocurrency International in Venezuela.

all national and international experts in one place and present material for the growth of the world of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.

New category about crypto influencers.

Their mission will inform everything their way to attract their public and do what they like, talk about the world of cryptocurrencies.

How much does a cryptocurrency trader?

One of the things that most people who do not know about Crypto trading look for is how much money can be generated in a day or a month but this depends on how constant you are, capital and knowledge.

Last 83 days of Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold in the last 83 days has increased its value up to 97% with a maximum level of volatility of 10%.

Stolen energy from one school in China to mine Ethereum.

The director had as an accomplice the assistant principal of the elementary school where both society mined Ethereum with the energy, the internet and the space of the school which in turn is of the state which means that the situation worsens for these two people since it looks like stealing the state.

Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Visión?

The creator of Bitcoin Cash was responsible for the bifurcation of Bitcoin by the giant of mining machines of Cryptocurrencies, Bitmain.

Cryptocurrencies hackers are a reality we cannot avoid.

In 2018 there were very large attacks at different exchanges from Cryptocurrency hackers such as Coincheck, Coinrail and Bithumb.

Times of anonymity in Taiwan over Cryptocurrency has come to an end.

The government of Taiwan has pronounced itself and says not to support the anonymity between transactions of Cryptocurrency.

Brazilians must pay taxes for their cryptocurrencies.

The Federal Revenue Department of Brazil (RFB) will begin to charge taxes on all commercial activity related to the world of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, the father of all Cryptocurrencies is on birthday!

On October 31, 2008 the mysterious and much sought after Satoshi Nakamoto gave birth to the father of all cryptocurrencies turned 10 years of his birth.

Restart in purchase and sale of Venezuelan Petro happened.

They informed that today, October 29, 2018, the purchase and sale of the Cryptocurrency with Venezuelan seal, Petro, is activated.

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