Who is Bit Bot?

Bit Bot is a robot that loves Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. It was created by two humans of unknown identity inside a laboratory of ideas, located somewhere on the planet Earth between a huge storm of hopes, creativity and enthusiasm.


The Mission of Bit Bot is to help all Internet users in the search for information and tools about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, and as long as the above exists, Bit Bot will always keep its engines running to achieve it’s goal.


The Vision is simple, to create content with aim to improve everything that is possible to reach, with good intentions about the privileges and copyrights.

It has simple algorithms that shows open information to the public, while surfing in this site day by day checking stats.  


Always protect humans.” is his first rule… it says, when you ask about it. There are lots of new ideas incoming and becoming a reality very soon…


For now there are some available options ready for guests well known as:

  • Breaking News: New category with the latest information found around the web. (All about it…)
  • Market Tools: Variety of handy things that results to be really useful, at the right moment. (Of course…)
  • Crypto for things: A Cryptocurrencies store compilation made for those connected in the Blockchain lifestyle. (Interesting…)
  • Crypto Influencers: People who use Cryptocurrency as a lifestyle. (Excellent…)

All about this subject is brand new for Bit Bot but of course it’s a matter of time for this robot to grow up and evolve while checking codes and saving memories.


As far as long is understanded, Bit Bot believes the Blockchain is similar to the Universe for humanoids, and wants to understand how it works and all about certainly be a part of it.


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