Cryptocurrency hackers are everywhere and they also exist in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is one of your favorite markets to attack since with Cryptocurrencies you can move faster and easier.

In 2018 there were very large attacks at different exchanges such as Coincheck with – 530M $, Coinrail with – 40M $ and Bithumb with – 30M $.

Cryptocurrency hackers have different techniques to achieve their goals and one of the most used techniques on the Internet is the Phishing that consists of your as an Internet user revealing your personal data through websites and emails but Phishing for hackers Today, they do not find it very profitable. There is a much more accelerated way that is that they now mine cryptocurrencies through your devices like computers and phones.

This new method is called Criptojacking and can generate a large amount of Cryptocurrency to which it applies to its users who visit its website. The most popular Malware on the Internet is CoinHive and it is placed on the website as a Javascript code that silently uses your CPU to mine the Monero Cryptocurrency (XMR). Thanks to the code you can use up to 65% of your CPU to mine.

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