Venezuela is a country that is not left behind when we speak of cryptocurrencies. While there is an economic and social crisis in Venezuela, the cryptocurrency market is always on the rise as more and more Venezuelans are seen in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to overcome the hyperinflation that this country is experiencing.


They have been hoarding so much land that the government has created its own Cryptocurrency called Petro and has opened to the public the First International Cryptography Meeting that took place at the Gran Meliá Hotel. in Caracas


The idea of ​​this great event was to bring together all the national and international experts in one place and present the material for the growth of the world of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. Many important people from the Cryptocurrency ecosystem attended, such as Dmitri Kosten, Vice President of the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. On behalf of Mexico, Blockchain Specialist David Yao, who is an Advisor at and Consultant at Okex. Victor Borras Sorli, who is the Executive Director of Crypto Invest, is also present to show his vision of the Cryptocurrency. Also attended by large companies such as Cannan and BitFury.


This great project was thanks to the National Superintendence of Activities and Related Activities (SUNACRIP)


But we can not forget that the most special guests are the Venezuelans because the Cryptocurrencies have facilitated the connection with the whole world and, therefore, can develop in this area. In Venezuela there is a large number of companies related to Cryptocurrencies. Most of them focus on Mining Consulting, Training in different areas, such as Trading, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in general and financial services as investment funds.


Undoubtedly, some cryptocurrencies are here to remain in the lives of Venezuelans as a very useful tool to develop globally.


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